Friday, December 11, 2009

The children of Bishops Peak Elementary in San Luis Obispo, work really hard each year to recycle cans and bottles to raise money. Each year, they take the earnings from the recycled goods and donate it to a child in need. We were invited by Mrs. Bridget, Founder of Jack's Helping Hand and 5Th grade teacher as guest for a special ceremony. We were amazed when the school, and Jack's Helping Hand presented Cooper with a five thousand dollar check for all our traveleing expensise. When the dog completes his training, we have to spend two manidtory weeks in Colorado to train with the dog. With car rental, gas, and hotel this can be quite expensive, and we were not sure how we were doing to do it.
Today we were blessed again, and are so thankful for Bishop Peak Elementary and Jacks Helping Hand!

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